An Interview With Pattern Designer and Blogger, Aby Dolinger


Abigail Dolinger, photo by TrinityAs a beginning quilter, it’s great to have mentors with who you can learn from, chat and even when necessary beg for help. The beauty of the internet is that a mentor need not be someone within driving distance. There are a multitude of very talented quilters, designers and many of them are more than willing to point you in the right direction. One quilter that I have admired for a long time is Abigail Dolinger of Aby Quilts. In addition to enjoying needle crafts of all kinds, Aby has over 40 years of quilting experience. I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Aby about her needlework journey.


QM: How long have you been quilting and how did you get started?

Aby: I have been quilting, in earnest, for forty years!

My grandmothers. My paternal grandmother was an accomplished needlewoman: knitting, crocheting, embroidery, crewel embroidery, and tatting. My maternal grandmother provided baskets of scrap squares for my sister and me to sew into Four Patches when we were 8 or 9 years old. How we looked forward to visiting her and working on our patchwork blocks! Since learning the basics of hand piecing and hand quilting, I’ve taken some classes and perused a lot of quilt books, learning tips and techniques along the way. I’ve learned a lot from quilting friends who share methods they have learned.

QM: You mentioned that you learned a lot from friends who shared their methods. Are you with a quilt guild?

Aby: I am currently a member of Tarheel Quilt Guild in Fayetteville, NC. With my husband, a military man, I have lived in multiple cities and in Germany. In each new place, I find friends at church/chapel and at a quilt group. If I don’t find a quilt group, I start one! Belonging to a guild or group motivates me to do my best work, to try new/different projects, educates me on new techniques, and inspires me with creative ideas.


QM: With so many years dedicated to quilting, you must have created many quilts. How many quilts have you made over the years?

 Aby: Hundreds, I have lost track. Some I’ve given as gifts; some I still have.


QM: One thing that I enjoy about quilting is the multitude of patterns. What is your favorite pattern?

Aby: Weathervane is my favorite block pattern. I like the balance and interplay of 3 fabrics plus a background. My favorite overall quilt designs involve patchwork and appliqué. The curves of appliqué soften the angles of patchwork.


QM: Your quilting career has included making patterns for well-known companies. How did you get started making patterns and what type of skills are suited to pattern design?

Aby: When teaching quilt making at quilt shops, I wrote instructions for my students. Their compliments on clarity and understandable diagrams motivated me to hone my skills. I was trained by Laura of Studio E Fabrics to write patterns according to a template for publication. (The wall kits a team of quilters and I designed were marketed to JoAnns about 10 years ago.) I taught myself to draw diagrams, in Microsoft Word, to illustrate pattern instructions, and I learned how to import pictures, as well as diagrams, from Electric Quilt into my documents.


QM: You have created very beautiful patterns. What do you use as inspiration and how do you decide what patterns to make?

Aby: Sometimes I am inspired by the fabric. The motifs of the fabric suggest a quilt design.

Sometimes I am inspired by a traditional quilt block, and then I search for colors or fabrics that will bring a line drawing to life.

I enjoy using Electric Quilt, a quilt design software. It allows me to play with color, to rotate blocks or add sashing. I can test my ideas prior to cutting and sewing fabric.



QM: While I know that your heart lies with traditional quilting, many young quilters are transforming the art with modern quilts. What advice do you have for beginning quilters?

Aby: Learn to properly execute basic techniques of rotary cutting, sewing and pressing.

Join a quilt guild. Ask questions of seasoned quilters.

Tackle projects you really want to do.

Subscribe to a quilting magazine or two.

“Pin” quilt ideas on Pinterest.

Label all your quilts with your name and the year they were completed.


Aby thank you so much for sharing a bit of your knowledge and quilting life with Quilting Momma. I’ve been a fan of your patterns and know that a few of my readers are also.

I find that Aby’s advice to find a quilt guild, tackle the projects that inspire you and to ask questions are among some of the best advice that can be given to those just starting out with this craft. Quilting has always been a social activity: it’s so helpful just to chat with someone else and learn from those who have years of experience. It’s also great advice to use what you have. Aby turned her excellent communication skills into a job writing pattern instructions for a major company. What an awesome career opportunity when your talents intersect with you joy!



Like quilting, embroidery has been around for a long time. It’s a beautiful way to embellish quilts and other fabric crafts. I decided that while hand embroidery might not be for me, machine embroidery was something that I could and wanted to try. So earlier this year I bought a brand spanking new Bernina B700. I couldn’t wait to get started, but quickly realized there was a bit of a learning curve. Add to that my desire to make life changes and as usual, I have another challenge to balance.

I’m still looking for a job in my quest to move out the area.  I’m packed and ready to go as soon as the right job comes my way. Of course, this means crafting has been greatly reduced and therefore, I’m really missing my sewing machine.  Luckily it’s not packed away, at least not in the POD.  I am still receiving the block of the month projects, so I figured I could work on those as they come.

Bernina b700

Deus Ex Machina
While my sewing machine is not packed away, my Bernina, unfortunately, is.  I packed it away in the POD thinking (and hoping?) that it wouldn’t be in there long.  I have been debating whether to dig in there and get it out.  I was supposed to take a user class in April, but that didn’t work out.  Loving Stitches was offering the class again in May, but again, those “if’s” got in the way.  Of course, it may not be too late…but I REALLY don’t want to open that POD.  I’m scared it may not shut again!
I did try to figure out how to use this thing on my own.  Even with the internet tutorials, videos, etc, I decided it would be best to just take a class, do some hands-on training and have the opportunity to receive instant help. Then a few days ago, my son saw a train design that’s included with the Bernina.  Ugh, why did I leave the manual out? After a few days of listening to him beg me to make the design with him, I had to think of something. So, backed into a corner, I went temporarily insane and told him, let’s try hand embroidery. In my mind, I pictured the outcome as a literal train wreck!

Hand Embroidery
Please stop laughing. Wouldn’t you do anything for your child?
Have you ever tried hand or machine embroidery?  With everything packed away, I had no choice but to look on the internet for help. I needed something small to do to get me prepared to help Little M make his train embroidery. I knew that I needed to learn many of the basic stitches such as chain, running, split, and French knot. I gathered the necessary materials: quality embroidery floss, hoops, embroidery scissors, fabric, backing and an assortment of embroidery needles.
Right off the bat, I found a 365 days of stitches project; it was full of so many beautiful projects. Suddenly, I envisioned being able to embellish pillowcases, clothing, linens and not just quilts! This was going to beautiful. I’d even make Little M another train quilt, but this time, I’d pour out all my motherly love as I hand stitched each train along with him. It would be an heirloom quilt. It would be amazing. In my mind, I saw this:

Embroidered bird

So I decided to join, it was just one stitch a day. No pressure for my first go at it, huh?
…I only made it through day 5!  It wasn’t for lack of wanting to do hand embroidery, but of time and well, I need more practice. This was the finished product, a square of star stitches. This might be a “lost” art. Once again, I ask you to stop laughing.

Shannons embroidery

Hand Vs Machine
I must say that I was in awe of the creative and skilled projects that people created doing hand embroidery.  Both hand and machine embroidery takes imagination and different types of skills and both are indisputably beautiful. Hand embroidery obviously takes longer but both require patience and dedication. I wanted to try hand embroidery for the same reason I want to try hand quilting; they both have value and keep alive centuries old crafts.  Doing things by hand is a skill that should be learned, but so should working by machine. It’s kind of like doing math: it’s great that we have calculators, and I sure enough use mine all the time at work, but being able to do it by hand is very important, and that’s something I teach my son.  He did try his hand at embroidery, his are the green stitches.  I’m just glad he likes to try these things and keeps his head out of the video games and computers.

This wont be a “lost” art for me because eventually, I did find a few very good tutorials on hand embroidery after we worked on the stitches above. I will be using my Bernina Embroidery Machine to embellish my quilts, but I will use the sites below for improving my hand embroidery. Check out Mary Corbet’s Needle N’ Thread or Sublime Stitching for great technique tips, videos and materials to get started or advance in your craft.

So what do you prefer for embroidery and quilting?  Hand, machine, or both?  Please share and submit photos to Quilting Momma’s Gallery!

My Other Love

One of my life’s loves is quilting and sewing.  However, my name is Quilting Momma…so I am sure you know my other love…my son, Little M.  He is the joy in my life and giving him a good start in his life is the most important job that I have.

We were eating dinner at IHOP the other day, when I stopped for a minute and looked atCape Fear 1 him…I mean, really studied him.  He is mature for his age, and I sometimes forget that he is still just a child.  I have realized that with everything going on, I have forgotten to spend time with him.  You know…real quality time where you learn who that little person you’re growing is going to be.  Earlier that afternoon we took a trip to Cape Fear Botanical Garden. It was wonderful to see tadpoles, a snake, and all the other creatures and flowers in this beautiful place.  But mostly, it was the quiet enjoyment over spending our time together that grabbed my heart. My Little M is growing up; sharing moments like this is a gift that will not always keep on giving. Soon enough, I’ll be the last person he wants to spend time with and all I will have are these snippets of memories where we shared space, time and honest thought.


cape fear 2Guilt
I’m sure that most parents, single or married, would love to be able to take days off whenever to spend enriching their children’s lives by visiting important places, showing them how to get along in the world through real-life experience and sometimes just being spontaneous, going with the flow of the day and experiencing life together. Reality, aka bills, lets us know that this is yet again a way we must divide ourselves in order to get through life.

We have been so busy lately (or I should say, I have been), that I feel he hasn’t received enough attention from me. Does anyone else ‘feel’ this and then experience the guilt that sometimes sets in?  Those nagging questions that hit?  “Am I doing the right thing?”  “Am I making the right decision for both of us?”  “Am I spending enough quality time with him?” “Am I showing my child how to balance life; that he’s important; that spending time with others is important?”   Being a single parent makes it worse sometimes, because I have no one to talk to, bounce ideas off of, or at least to tell me, hey, everything is fine.

For me, as a single parent, trying to balance being a mom, a business owner, and a person: the struggle is real.  I could go on and on and on about the struggle, but I am sure we all know what I am talking about. I want to be his best advocate, to really parent him in a way that best fits his needs; I don’t want to ‘cheat’ him out of anything. I am in no way trying to be a perfect parent as I really believe that can cause lasting undesirable behaviors in children.

Finding Balance Through Conversation
As I talk to my married and single parent friends, I realize we each have our own parenting struggles that we deal with. It is how we deal with these struggles and whether or not we allow them to bog us down that really matters.

As I take the time to watch Little M and see how happy he is and how he enjoys life, those are the times when I realize that he is fine, and I am doing the best that I can with him.  It’s also when I realize that maybe, doing less and being more is really the best gift I can give us.

What struggles do you have?  How do you cope with them?  Any tips you want to share?

For excellent ideas on how to balance life check out Rachel Macy Stafford at the Hands Free Momma.


ChaosOf all the self-caused ailments you can choose from, a lot of us choose to suffer from CHAOS! But don’t worry, it can be cured with a healthy dose of organization!

STUFF. I choose to use the word “stuff”, because I’m trying to keep this a family friendly blog. Though there are times where I would much rather use other words!! As you know, I have a lot of stuff going on. There are so many wonderful and interesting things to do in this life, not to mention the necessary things, that it can easily get out of hand. Especially during times of transition. The photo above shows how my life has been the last few months…sometimes I feel I have things in order, then it turns to chaos, sometimes without me even realizing it.  Often, it’s the fibromyalgia getting to me…other times it’s the procrastination, and yet, at other times, let’s be honest…it is just me being lazy.

I am in the process of moving to SC…so please keep me in your prayers!  I have found a house and a job that I like…I am just hoping that the job will also like me!  I am ready to settle down, and have decided that Columbia will be our spot.  So right now, I am still working, packing, and being a parent.  This means that with the added pressures, unfortunately, the sewing projects will be put on hold for right now.  I know, I know…that is a horrible thought!!  It makes me want to cry as well! I have a lot going on at once, but, well, there’s no time like the present!

How am I keeping organized through all this CHAOS??  I faithfully use a planner.  Planners help you declutter, organize your short and long term goals, tasks and life. Its a great place to unpack your thoughts and review them later. And unlike using a technical device, it won’t get lost in the cloud. I love my planner because it keeps my work and personal to-dos separate. My planner allows me to make lists; I work well with lists. By looking at my list I can see that my day has been well spent.  I find that if I DON’T use my planner, my days/weeks are filled with whatever. That works for some, but I crave organization and structure. I’d never feel like I accomplish anything if I couldn’t see it in black and white.  Even if I only write down one task to complete each day, I feel more accountable to myself, manage to stay on track, and I get it done.

Do you have a dream you want to accomplish? Use a planner to outline your roadmap to getting there. Benefits of doing this include:

  • reducing your stress
  • better time management
  • keeping a record of what you’ve done

That alone should have us all running to the planner aisle! But seriously, being able to see the most important things you need to accomplish helps you to actually get it done by keeping it in the forefront of your mind. Few of us have the brain cells left over at the end of a work day to remember all of the things we need to do.

Keeping a planner is a great way to add a little order to your chaos; to add more order, keep a written planner and you’ll never have to stress over losing data or running out of battery again.

What helps you to be more organized?  Planners…lists….your phone’s calendar or list features? Do you like full planners that coach you through your days or less intrusive ones that just contain calendars and lists? Or do you run on the fly, confidently accomplishing what you wish without an organizer?  Please share!

Block of the Month… 1 of 12 done!

blog 4 freedom full blockI have finally finished both of my block of the month projects. I’ve had plenty to write about during my journey in making this quilt block, however, every time I looked at my last blog and I saw “When I post next, I’ll finally have a picture of the first month’s block,” I knew I couldn’t write this next one without having both of them finished.  And once they were in the bag, so to speak, I felt a great sense of accomplishment.

In addition to the Freedom Quilt block I also completed my quilt guild’s quilt block for the month, a heart.

Getting Started
I’ve said before that one of my favorite parts of making a quilt is picking out the fabrics.  The textures, the colors, the patterns and design make my head spin sometimes.  Trying to be frugal, there have been times when I told myself I’d wait and get that fabric later, only to return and be disappointed because it was gone.  To avoid that mistake again, whenever I see a fabric I love, I grab it. Of course, I have run out of storage room for my fabric collection, which to me,  means I need a bigger house…lol.
The Freedom Quilt’s block of the month project comes with a full kit.  My quilt guild’s monthly block, suggests colors to choose from.  Last month because of Valentine’s Day, the colors were red, red on red, white, red on white, white on white, etc.  I chose a combination of white on white and white on red, as you can see below:blog 4 red heart 1

What you can’t see is the thread that I used for this particular block.  I normally stick with neutrals for everything I sew.  Not sure why, that’s just what I do despite having several rows of colorful threads, looking so pretty and lonely.  I decided I would use a combination of red and white thread on this quilt block, …white in the bobbin and red on the 4 thread


As you can tell from the quilt block though, you can’t really see the threads anyway.  On the other side you could see the white.  I suppose the color of the thread is more important when it comes to actually quilting the block.  BUT it did give me a little more confidence to try out different threads in future quilts.

The Process
I know I already showed you the finished blocks of the month, but I wanted to share some things I learned along the way.  One thing I want to share is my favorite tool: the seam ripper.

blog 4 seam ripper

Thanks to this wonderful tool, I was able to fix this: (Cue the music from Jaws.)

Crazy seam 2

​Thank goodness this wasn’t used for a sobriety test!!  LOL
Which brings me to something else I learned, …again…about procrastination.  I waited until the day before and day OF my guild meeting to do this block.  Didn’t we just talk about NOT procrastinating??  Because I waited until the last minute, I didn’t have as much time to decide how I wanted to lay out my block, which is another fun part of making quilt blocks.  I chose between the two layouts below:

blog 4 heart layout 2

This one was an easy decision for me, but sometimes they aren’t that simple.

blog 4 heart layout 1






Learning Curves
I’ve realized that one reason I procrastinate (well, there are several reasons, but I’m only focusing on one today) is perfectionism.  I am sometimes so worried how a quilt block will turn out, that I don’t even start it.  It took me almost a year to make my son’s quilt because I was so stuck on points not meeting or things not together just right, that I would just not do anything.  I felt like that with the block of the month as well.

blog 4 freedom layout corners

​It bothers me that the points don’t match in the center perfectly.  Three out of four aren’t bad, but still!  And most people wouldn’t even notice.  But we always notice our own imperfections way more than anyone else does.  I’m constantly reminding myself to push forward anyway. The more I do these quilt blocks and make these quilts, the better I will get.  No one can ever deny that they are made by hand (or machine in this case).

Now I am on to 2nd month of the Freedom Quilt and this month’s quilt block for the guild.  The colors are green and white.  I will post both when finished!

Are you working on any Block of the Month or sewing projects? If so take a picture and submit yours to our Facebook page and we can brag together. Let’s do this!

Finding Your Story Within

Seizing Life
Carpe diem! Yay!
Not tonight, tonight, I only want to seize my bed. I am really tired…even after taking a 3 hour nap today.  Little man has strep throat; I worked on and off today from home, so by the time he went to bed, I was just plain tired!  Two weeks ago I was so focused: 15 minutes of work each night, yay but …okay, I told myself, enough excuses, get SOMETHING done. I used my  love of seeing finished projects to spur me on.  Like dieters who post motivational photos to the fridge, I posted a photo of the completed Block of the Month quilt to our Award Board. I’ve always used the award board to celebrate my son’s outstanding achievements; as of today, it is now OUR Award Board.

Pressing On
Currently, as you know, I have a lot going on in my life: a cherished son, a full time accounting job, caring for Quilting Momma – my new online quilting store, working on a quilt of the month project, coaching sports, and more. It is so easy to lose yourself, to forget to do you. And, as a mom it’s very easy to slip into thinking that “doing you” is selfish. It’s not. As a matter of fact, it’s the most loving thing you can do for your family. Why? Because in finding your passion, in doing activities that bring you joy, you find your story within. You lighten (brighten) up and thereby bring joy to the people in your life. In addition, your children learn how important it is to have a healthy balance in life, to know themselves and as an added benefit, they learn independence and invaluable critical thinking skills because they’ll learn how to figure things out for themselves. By including myself on the Award Board my son learns to (and HOW to) celebrate someone other than himself. And, while everything that I do, even finding my story within, really is all about my son and ensuring I give him the tools to be the best person he can be, he doesn’t need to know it’s all about him just yet.

Freedom boundFreedom Bound is a beautiful quilt, and I can’t wait to finish it.  So though I only did a couple of half square triangles, I still did something for me.  What I love about this quilt is that each block has a story behind it.  For instance, block one is the introduction to Hannah Cummings Cotton and her story.  James Cotton owned Belmont Plantation in Greene County, Mississippi where Hannah was a slave.  He was in love with Hannah and they ended up having 8 children together, all while Hannah was still his slave, thus all of their children were slaves.  Following the Dred Scott Decision in 1857, James realized war was inevitable, so he freed Hannah, their eight children and her parents the following year.  Because of his failing health, he made provisions for Hannah and her family  to move to Xenia, OH.  He arranged for his niece Amelia Montgomery to help get his family there in case he was unable to do so.  Having freedom papers, was no guarantee of safety.

The Story Within
I’ve seen a lot of quilts and blocks of the month I wanted to do, but this one grabbed my attention, more so because of the story behind it.  I’m looking forward to finishing each block and reading about Hannah Cummings Cotton and her children. Every month, as I start another block, I’ll share more of her story and journey to freedom.

That in a nutshell is one of the reasons that I fell in love with quilting: stories. Not only do I like to quilt, and love the stories behind certain patterns, as well as the stories, (memories), you create as you work, but I also enjoy reading books and stories about quilting. Quilting has definitely led me to find my story within. My story was always there, sometimes hiding behind all the “stuff” in life, and sometimes jumping up and down waving it’s hands. It just needed for me to open the book. In this case, a quilting book.

And, because ‘stories’ is a topic for another blog, I wanted to leave you with a few items to check out in your spare time.  When I post next, I’ll finally have a picture of the first month’s block!

In the meantime, find your story within. Let’s do this!

Check out Jennifer Chiaverini; my favorite series has been the Elm Creek Quilts Series.

Procrastination and UFOs

sewing areaIt is funny how this post and the first one I wrote were both after 10pm at night, because those that know me know I am NOT a night person…lol.  I have struggled with sleep for years and was in a pretty good sleeping pattern, before I got out of it again.  It is a constant struggle for me.  I find at night, when little man is in bed, is of course when I have the most time to do anything…but it’s also when I’m the most tired and just want to go to sleep myself!

I was sitting on the couch, which is dangerous…lol.  And it’s a reclining couch…which is even more dangerous!  Being aware of ‘just sitting’ made me think of the walking videos that I work out to; one thing the host said that resonates with me is: a body in motion tends to stay in motion…and I’m assuming a body at rest tends to stay at rest!  So with that thought I got up and decided to work on an Unfinished Object (UFO).  I only have 3 UFOs, which isn’t bad, considering the number of UFOs I hear the ladies in my quilt guild have!

Although in the picture my work area looks cluttered and messy, that’s actually pretty nice considering the amount of space I am working with.  I don’t work well in cluttered areas, so I couldn’t start working on anything again until my area was at least organized.  block of monthThe project I’m working on is a block of the month I started a few months ago.  This is still the first block.   As I was making the marks on the squares to cut them for half triangles, I realized that if I just pushed myself to work on my projects for at least 15 minutes a night (possibly more on the weekends), I could actually get my stuff done.  Although these blocks are taking a little longer than a simpler block, I realized that I could knock out my guild’s monthly block in one weekend night…if I would just stop procrastinating.  What a horrible word… :O   I’m always telling my son that we spend too much time procrastinating or even just wasting time with TV, mainly on the weekends.  We could get so many meaningful things accomplished …stuff I’ve been WANTING to do, but don’t take the TIME to do. Starting my quilting business was the first step.

​So I am going to ask for your help…at least with my blocks.  Accountability is the key!  Even if nothing else, I should take 15 minutes to work on my blocks.  I know I’ll love the fact that they are coming together and that I am finally DOING them.  So ask about them!  Make me show them to you!  Knowing I owe somebody a picture or two (even if I don’t know you!) will keep me motivated.  Leave a photo of what you’re working on and we’ll cheer each other on. That’s the beauty of the quilting community.
Until next time…

The Beginning…

MB on MachineI was driving back from a friend’s house on January 1, 2017, realizing how grateful I was to spend the time bringing in the New Year with my “family.”  The last several years have been rough on and off…having a child, going through a divorce, moving, changing jobs, all the while dealing with fibromyalgia.  I started sewing when I was pregnant with my son, and a few years later took a class in quilting and loved it.  Quilting, sewing and being with my “family” are relaxing for me, a nice break for my brain from the analytical side of the work I do.

One of the great things I love about quilting and quilters is the community.  I also LOVE all the fabric that you can choose from.  The majority of quilters don’t quilt for themselves…they quilt for their loved ones, for veterans, for children, even for animals.  They are quick to share ideas and help with any project you may be stuck on.  I look around while I’m at a quilt guild meeting or a quilt conference or retreat, and see the diversity that there is.  Quilting is something I feel needs to be shared with everyone, a skill we may lose if we don’t show the younger generation how to do it and what it really does for everyone.

My son, who is 7 years old, and asked me several times to show him how to sew, and we have started with simple stitches.  Even if he doesn’t stick with quilting or sewing, I hope that he will at least continue his awe of quilts and quilters.

Back to my work…I still love working with numbers and it’s something I am good at.  But opening a business is also something I have been wanting to do, and last month, I decided what the heck!  I don’t have enough on my plate already, right??  LOL   I’m only working full time, studying for my CPA, a single mom who helps coach my son’s sports and helps with cub scouts.  I’ve got PLENTY of time!   But, I realized there will never be a perfect time to start anything.  I just needed to prioritize…putting God first, my family second, and my career third.  Doing all the above, then I can succeed.  Plus I will be showing my son that he can do the same thing.  It will be tough, but I’m looking forward to it.  I’m hoping that between this business and the several others I have in mind, I can eventually do what I’ve been wishing I could do…being there more for my son.  Being there after school, not rushing in the mornings before school, not worrying about trying to take time off work for school activities…you all know what I’m talking about!!

So here I am…starting a quilting business and a quilting blog.  I think I’m more excited about researching how to start a business, tax law, and the other little things you have to do than anything else!  But I know that will change once I really “Open for Business.”  I’m excited about the new people I’ll “meet” and the opportunities that this will bring.  Any advice, comments and encouragement is welcome!  Let’s do this!!


Time for a Change!

You guessed it…things are changing!  I know several blogs ago that I mentioned I was trying to get to Columbia, SC.  I wasn’t sure if that was going to happen, so I started looking around at other areas as well.  Well, you know when you just have that feeling?  I had a feeling that the job I applied for was THE job, but when I didn’t get it at first; I just figured God had other plans for me.  Well, patience and faith paid off, and here I am, now working at SCANA in Columbia.

Personal Changes 

For those of you that have ever moved, especially with children, you know there is a LOT to do.  Right now we are commuting back and forth from Columbia to Augusta, and I am very thankful for my friend who is letting us stay with her.  But the drive is getting tiring, for both myself and little man.  Thankfully, everything came together for the house we will be buying:

Nice, right??  I think so too!!!  Doesn’t that pool just call your name, especially in this southern heat??  Well, my house isn’t exactly like this one, but it’s still a great house for us.  Had you going there for a minute, didn’t I??  I will post pictures soon.  One thing I’m excited about is I will finally have a room that I can use for sewing/quilting/crafting.  I had already saved some pictures on Pinterest for whenever that was going to happen.

Do you have any spaces dedicated specifically for your craft?  Any organization tips?  Design ideas?  All of the above?  I’m excited to get my room set up and get started on some of the projects I have, such as the block of the month, the fall table runner (where I had quite the experience with paper piecing flying geese), and a t-shirt quilt I will be making for a friend from my last church whose son is going through cancer treatments for Leukemia (you can check out his story here).  So stay tuned for pictures of those in future blog posts.

New Site and Blog

Speaking of new blog, we are also in the process of moving that over to WordPress.  So please be patient if you get multiple emails from me…I am working within MailChimp as well so that everything will be seamless.  Some posts to look out for include what you can in 15 minutes and picking out fabrics.

The store site is also getting a facelift.  I’m so excited about showing you all how it looks now!  The grand “re-opening” of the store will be sometime in August.  So make sure you are subscribing to the blog so you don’t miss out!  I will have giveaways, new fabrics, and a live video from Facebook.  If you aren’t yet following my blog yet, you can by entering your information below:


Change can be scary…and FUN!  I am sooo excited not only for the changes to my business, but also my new job and area.  I’m looking forward to all the great things God has planned for us!